More Control to Move
Your Business Forward

Manage Your Fleet in Smart Way.

Now it is time to utilize the advanced features
in managing your fleet with us.

Select Your Fleet Expertise


Improve delivery performance & visibility on cost

Optimize delivery route and anticipate delays to improve punctuality and efficiency of your delivery process.

Fleet Owner

Improve safety & secure your fleet business

By integrating your vehicles, you can keep track all of them with ease while being operated by your clients, prevent unwanted issues, and plan cost-efficient predictive maintenance.


Adapt performance based evaluation for your fleet management

Improve the management of your operational fleet for more efficient, safe and productive business operation.

The Solution For Your
Operational Fleet

Strategic Partnership
with Device Provider

With global players as our partner, you get the various options for sensor devices and competitive price to serve your business needs.

Network Coverage

Powered by Telkomsel vast network and nationwide technical support for installation and troubleshooting that covers every area of your business operation.

One Stop Solution

You get the solution as a service that includes connectivity, device provision, and troubleshooting that allows you to focus on moving your business forward.

Strong Financial

The solution is available in various options of flexible commercial schemes: rent base, installment, upfront, and also mixed scheme to suit your cost planning and business model.

Business Savvy

Ready for integration with your existing platform as well as connectivity, device provision, and troubleshooting to maximize your business potential.

Key Features

Fleetsight Video

Productivity, safety and efficiency with Telkomsel Fleet Management

Gain Insights
Into Your Fleet